Kilimanjaro – 5895m

Both Rob Jones and I topped out on Kilimanjaro 5895m in January on a leisurely trip doing the Machame route in our time and to our itinerary which proved to be just right. Many tour companies want to do it in less time and have a large failure rate. On the date set we travelled to Tanzania via Kenya as guests of Zara Adventures, owned by Mrs Zainab Ansell who I had met in London earlier during the year at the World Travel market.
Using her lovely hotel in Moshi as a base and using her guides and trekking crews we trekked and climbed to our own itinerary and enjoyed a leisurely but challenging eight day climb to the summit and back. I can highly recommend taking your time; it makes it easier on the body and why rush?

Kilimanjaro Summit

Steve "The Essex Pirate" Lodge and Rob Jones Kilimanjaro summit - 5895m

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