Nepal Feb 2015

I was lucky enough to spend five weeks in Nepal from 8th February to 13th March. I spent two weeks with Glenda my wife, touring and visiting our Nepalese friends with the highlight of these two weeks being our two day rafting trip on the Seti Kola river with my old friend and rafting Guide Krishna.

We sampled local buses, local hospitality and food as we were lucky enough to visit the village houses and town houses of our friends and their parents. A ten day trek and a week’s touring of Nepal with clients, rounded off my five week break.

Sadly though, three weeks later some devastating earthquakes hit Nepal.
We are glad to know that all our friends are alive and well but have been hugely affected by these earthquakes with the loss of houses, schools and businesses. We have been able to help them financially and hope to get them back on track with a planned Expedition in November 2016.

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