Major expeditions for 2013

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Steve "The Essex Pirate" Lodge - Kyajo Ri

Steve "The Essex Pirate" Lodge - Kyajo Ri

Climbing the highest mountains of the Urals – Mt.Narodnaya and Mt.Manaraga + rafting along the river Kosiyu Combined tour (Written by Russians). Duration – 12 days or extend to 14 with a day to look around Moscow.

Optimal time for rafting in the pre-Polar Ural is June – August.

It is necessary to take into account that depending on the month of visiting the pre-polar Urals, the tour has specific peculiarities.

June – a beautiful mysterious time of white nights in the pre-polar Urals. Air temperature is 5 – 20° C – this time is characterized by high levels of water in the rivers. Temperature of the water is about 7° C. For tourists it is necessary to have additional warm clothes, as during the passage through the fords water will flow over the rafts.

Peter "Radar" Watson - Kyajo Ri

Peter "Radar" Watson - Kyajo Ri

July-August – during this time in the pre-polar Urals the summer is at its peak – the sun is shining twenty-four hours a day. Air temperature is +10 – +30°C. September – night frosts are possible. Air temperature is 5 – 20°C – but this is the best time in mountains – the time of picturesque golden autumn. In the autumn in the taiga there are many mushrooms and different kinds of berries.

The program of travel:

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